• Tiffany Haddish to PETA: I’ll stop wearing fur when cops stop killing black people

    Tiffany Haddish is wearing fur until cops stop killing unarmed black men, and she doesn’t care what PETA has to say about it. In a recent Instagram video post, the Nobody’s Fool actress described that after a show at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, a fan gave her the fur jacket that she is wearing in the video. She then describes what would usually be an outlandish gifting experience

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    Chris Rock calls attention to racist cops; posts selfie every time he is pulled over

    It’s hard to read the news these days without encountering one infuriating story after another about white cops getting away with killing unarmed black people. While it’s certainly true that not every cop is racist, there has been an unprecedented amount of brutality and violence against people of color captured on video, then distributed to the entire world through social media channels. Perhaps no one has been as vocal about

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    Watch Ted Alexandro’s police brutality bit from Comedy Cellar

    Despite our culture of pundit-flooded 24-hour cable news networks, it sometimes often times takes a skilled comedian to effectively broach a sensitive societal issue (See: Jon Stewart, Russell Brand, Larry Wilmore, Stephen Colbert…you get the point). Enter: Ted Alexandro– activist, lifelong New York resident and darn fine comic. On stage at the Comedy Cellar in New York the other night, Alexandro worked out a three-minute bit about police brutality. It

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