• NASCAR star Michael Waltrip tries comedy; Henry Cho, Jon Reep show support

    Move over, Positive K: a new stand-up comedian who’s not a stand-up comedian is joining the circuit. Michael Waltrip, a two-time Daytona 500 winner, will be debuting a stand-up comedy act in Kansas City, Missouri, later this month. Now, at first, it’s hard to see the similarities between NASCAR and stand-up comedy, but Waltrip’s switch isn’t completely off the wall. Both hold the possibility of crashing and burning, for example.

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    90s rapper Positive K attempts stand-up comedy; let’s watch!

    Whenever I see a story about an artist crossing over into a new mode of expression – acting to singing, writing to acting, acting to directing – I tend to react with a mix of surprise, interest, and skepticism. Perhaps that’s because I came of age in Chicago during that unfortunate moment when Michael Jordan decided he would not only be a legendary basketball player, but also a mediocre-to-bad minor

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