• Watch Steve Carell’s Princeton graduation speech

    Former Office head honcho Steve Carell delivered the Class Day keynote speech to Princeton’s graduating class of 2012 this weekend, offering a few bits of random wisdom: “Remember that the words ‘regime’ and ‘regimen’ are not interchangeable. When you eat out, tip on the entire check — don’t subtract the tax first,” Carell said. “And don’t take yourself too seriously.” And he focused on urging students to reconnect with their

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    Steve Carell will speak at Princeton’s graduation ceremonies

    Oh, those crazy (and lucky) Ivy Leaguers. Comedy giant Steve Carell has been selected as Princeton’s keynote speaker for their graduation proceedings this Spring. Specifically, the former Office and Daily Show star and current movie star will be addressing the senior class and the rest of the school at Class Day, which goes down June 4, the day before the university’s official commencement. “Throughout our high school and college careers,

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