• Sarah Silverman rape prevention tips backlash on Twitter is absurd

    Another day, another troll-explosion on Twitter. This one, in particular, was aimed at a very public and well-known female figure with the audacity to make jokes or have an opinion. Next thing you know, they’ll be wanting the damn vote. But this time, those who have their panties in a bunch (if you’ll pardon the expression) are those who usually find themselves on the giving, not receiving end of jokes

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    Bill Cosby #CosbyMeme further exposes rape allegations, total social media fail

    Though he’s 77 years old, Bill Cosby and his team have done a relatively good job of keeping the iconic comedian relevant via social media the past few years. He tweets on the regular, his Website is constantly updated and he’s got more than 400,000 Facebook followers. Yesterday, in an attempt to maintain Cosby’s career buoyancy, Cosby (or his social media manager) introduced the #CosbyMeme hashtag on Twitter and the

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