• Nick Di Paolo: Questioning your beliefs

    There are certain comics — Marc Maron, Greg Giraldo (RIP), Greg Proops, for instance — who I seek out for catharsis– to hear and to feel a much more artfully-produced version of my own thoughts. I, like others, find comfort in reaffirmation. That’s natural, right? Then, there’s other comics I listen to with whom I don’t fundamentally align. At least, I don’t think I do. Until I realize, that after

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    First look at Nick Di Paolo's Showtime special "Raw Nerve"

    I chatted with Nick Di Paolo yesterday about a great many things– politics, coffee (and its diuretic properties) and of course, his new (and first!?) hour-long special, Raw Nerve, premiering on Showtime April 30 at 9 pm EST. And I’ve said it before; I love televised comedy specials; I love comedy albums even more, since they give you a much more accessible and intimate experience. Thankfully, New Wave Dynamics, will

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