8 Canadian comedians you didn’t know you need to watch

As we explained this week, the Canadian Dream means making it in America. Some of today’s leading comedy voices are from the Great White North—something that couldn’t have happened if they stuck around home. Jim Carrey, Seth Rogen, Samantha Bee, and others have found huge success in the American entertainment industry. While many Canadian comedians come to the states seeking success, some are making Canada laugh. Americans are generally not very

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‘A Universal Language’ is a confrontational, hilarious study in comedy and religion (Review)

If not for the recent success of Argo, it’d be difficult to imagine a more unlikely film premise then one in which a group of clueless do-gooders purposely place themselves in harms way within the politically charged Middle East. But that’s precisely the premise of Igal Hecht’s newest documentary, A Universal Language, which is set to debut April 14 at the Toronto Jewish Film Festival and on the Documentary Channel

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