• Russell Brand done with acting, says fame is worthless, meaningless

    During a recent interview with The Financial Times to promote his newest book Revolution, comedian Russell Brand explained he finds no joy in money. “I’ve come from a very ordinary background and I’ve become a drug addict, I’ve lived for years on benefits and now I live a completely different life where I experience all of the glamour, all of the things that capitalism promises— fame, pop stardom, glory, money.

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    Russell Brand attends Million Mask March in London; calls for a revolution (Video)

    Across the pond, comedian Russell Brand’s call for a political and social revoltuion has gone viral on YouTube after his appearance on British news program Newsnight a couple of weeks ago. In the interview, which has well over 9 million views on YouTube, called for a change in the United Kingdom’s current political system. Interviewer Jeremy Paxon called Brand out for political apathy because he does not vote, to which

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