• Comedy about Dennis Rodman and North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un is happening, because what’s funnier than human rights violations?

    What’s funnier than a dictator-led country, whose government enslaves hundreds of thousands of its citizens in labor camps – children included! – publicly executes people for owning a Bible and maintains no freedom of the press? Well, Tim Story, director of such hits like Ride Along, Think Like A Man and Barbershop, must think it’s a hoot. Because he’s been attached to direct Diplomats, a comedy flick from 20th Century

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    Watch Kevin Hart and Ice Cube in the trailer for Ride Along (Video)

    It’s not out until Jan. 17, but the first trailer for Kevin Hart’s newest flick, Ride Along (co-starring and produced by Ice Cube) just went live today. Here’s the movie’s official description from the studio: Kevin Hart and Ice Cube lead the lineup in Ride Along, the next comedy from the director of Think Like a Man. When a tough undercover officer’s (Cube) future brother-in-law (Hart) joins him on an

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