Review: Tenacious D’s ‘Rize of the Fenix’ is better than most ‘real’ rock albums

“When the Pick of Destiny was released it was a bomb, and all the critics said that The D was done. The sun had set and the chapter had closed. But one thing no one thought about was The D would rise again — just like the phoenix.” These words enticingly open Tenacious D’s new album and its title track Rize of the Fenix,  which dropped this week. The song

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You can listen to the new Tenacious D album ‘Rize of the Fenix’ right now

Although the their long-awaited new album won’t be available for proper purchase and download until May 15, Tenacious D has just made Rize of the Fenix available now to stream– for ZERO dollars. As you may know, this is their first album since their 2006 release The Pick of Destiny, which even The D — Jack Black and Kyle Gass — will tell you kinda sucked. But having browsed the

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Listen to a sample from Tenacious D’s new album

Be forewarned. The next Tenacious D album, Rize of the Fenix, will be coming out in May, complete with an over-the-top phallic album cover. And fans of The D have been waiting to bang their heads and laugh ever since Pick of Destiny didn’t live up to its expectations five years ago. Also, it will be, arguably the first time in several years that we get to hear Jack Black,

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