• Bill Hicks: Behind the previously unreleased interview

    Just this week, the audio of a never before heard interview with Bill Hicks was released online as part of the British comedy podcast Doubling Up. Co-host of the show and comedian Nick Doody conducted the interview in 1992; the legendary Hicks would die in 1994. And not only did Doody get a great interview out of Hicks; he got to open for the man in front of 1,500 people.

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    Matt Kirshen, more to perform on live Twitter stand-up event

    On June 8, British standout comedian and Last Comic Standing star Matt Kirshen, along with six other comics will participate in a groundbreaking stand-up event. Twitter will debut their first comedy show in what constitutes a new form of live entertainment. The show, Twitcom will show a new role of the stand-up comedian, with comics relying on their computer or cell phone for their performance. Comedian Tiernan Douieb first developed

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