11 comedians who are more conservative than you thought

Stand-up comedians, as well as the rest of the entertainment industry, are typically seen as liberals and anti-Trump. Although you probably saw many popular comedy stars campaigning for Hillary Clinton in 2016 or encouraging a blue wave during last week’s midterm elections, it’s not common you see celebrities defending President Donald Trump. On Sunday, November 4, a pro-Trump “Deplorables” comedy tour kicked off in Dallas with a show the following night in Houston.

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Lindsay Lohan, Adrien Brody, Michelle Rodriguez star in raunchy comedy (Red band trailer)

What do you get when you let one of the country’s most talented (and incredibly raw) comedians Ari Shaffir, the ShamWow guy and a former comedy journo and comedian (Ken Pringle) write a feature-length script? If the just-released red band trailer for InAPPropriate Comedy is an accurate indication, the answer is one amazingly fucked-up movie. Oh, and you also get Adrien Brody – he’s won a fucking Oscar! – to

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Will you give Rob Schneider’s new sitcom a chance?

A lot has been said – mostly negative – about Rob Schneider’s new sitcom Rob!, which premieres tonight at 8:30 pm ET on CBS. If you didn’t know, the show centers around Schneider’s character who is recently married to a young, tall, insanely gorgeous woman, who just happens to be… Mexican! No, not Mexican! It sounds like the classic odd couple + fish out of water scenario we’ve seen countless

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Can Rob Schneider reclaim his popularity in the comedy world?

Rob Schneider will make his return to network television for the first time in 14 years with a CBS family sitcom due to premiere midseason. The show remains untitled, but we know it’s a multi-camera operation, and is co-written by Schneider himself, based on his real-life experiences. It stars Schneider as, wait for it…’Rob,’ a confirmed bachelor who has just married into a tight-knit Mexican American family. The series had

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Cheech Marin joins Rob Schneider’s television project for CBS

That's Cheech on the left, yo.

When I say “Cheech,” chances are the first word that comes to your mind – aside from “pot” – is “Chong.” But a new pilot has the actor joining another prominent face in the world of comedy. Deadline reports that Cheech Marin will be joining Rob Schneider in an untitled CBS comedy based on Schneider’s life. He’ll star as an

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Adam Sandler's 'Grown Ups' trailer promises every comedy cliche

Get ready, folks for another Adam Sandler flick starring every single person you’d assume would be in a new Adam Sandler flick. We have no doubt this movie will do crazy numbers at the box office, but Grown Ups — based on the trailer anyway — looks to be a series of cliched slapstick and PG-13 humor. The story centers around a group of friends who meet up for the

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