Tony Clifton’s ‘Live on the Sunset Strip’: Punchline Magazine reviews the rough cut

Fans and co-conspirators alike crammed into the Silent Movie Theater in Los Angeles last week for a sneak preview of an early cut of Tony Clifton: Live on the Sunset Strip. The documentary captures the highs, lows, and on-stage vagina shavings of Tony Clifton’s four-night stand at the Comedy Store in May 2010, which commemorated the 25th anniversary of his first show after the death of his creator, Andy Kaufman.

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Paul Provenza: Not all about the laughs

Paul Provenza is one of the most well-respected comedians of the last two decades, but there came a point in his career when using comedy to simply make people laugh ceased to become a challenge for him. So The Aristocrats director embarked on a new comedic vision (some of that can be seen on’s second season of The Purple Onion) and a brand new way to piss off the

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