• Ricky Gervais, Russell Crowe Drunk Live Tweets Hilarious! ‘Derek’ And ‘Noah’ Stars Share Bar Adventures With Fans (PHOTOS)

    What happens when you mix Ricky Gervais, Russell Crowe, and a lot of alcohol? Fans of the comedian found out this weekend, when the comedian live tweeted his drinking experience with the Noah star. Ricky Gervais started the fun when he posted this hilarious photo of himself and Russell Crowe. Who am I getting drunk with at the moment? pic.twitter.com/IRabFkUvDe — Ricky Gervais (@rickygervais) May 11, 2014 Russell Crowe’s reply proved he

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    Russell Crowe will direct Bill Hicks biopic, but who should play Hicks?

    In spite of Russell Crowe’s wide array of acting jobs over the years, he will always be Maximus the vengeful gladiator to me (I know, it was over 10 years ago, but he was such a BAMF!). Reading this morning that the erstwhile warrior would be directing a Bill Hicks biopic, then, was a bit of a paradigm shift. The Telegraph reports that production will begin next year, but they’re

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