Book review: Sara Benincasa’s ‘Agorafabulous!’

Creating laughter is, of course, a comedian’s first goal. And for consumers of comedy, just laughing as a response to the action on stage or on screen or in a book is perfectly ok— that is, for the casual comedy observer. But for many of us a bit more damaged (or maybe we just have a heightened self awareness), a comedian that provides more than laughs is quickly endeared to

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Reader question: How do you leave a soul-crushing job to pursue a career in comedy?

You may have noticed that we’ve been answering some comedy-related reader questions in this here space. Most of these questions come to us via Punchline’s Formspring page; some of them come from our Tumblr. The one we’re rolling out for you today, however, comes from our friend and comedian Sara Benincasa’s Formspring page. It’s honestly the only other account I follow on Formspring; so, when I saw this question and

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Never watched Lost? Comedian Sara Benincasa hasn't either, but she breaks it down anyway

Of all the Lost spoofs, interviews and commentary online in anticipation for the show’s finale this Sunday, I kind of like this one the best. It’s simple and hilarious. And comes from the point of view of comedian Sara Benincasa, who — like me — has never seen an episode of Lost. Also, I like the patriotic undertone of this video. Enjoy!

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Comedian Sara Benincasa’s show about agoraphobia coming to book, film form

Comedian Sara Benincasa gained internet fame with her cartoonishly hilarious Sarah Palin impressions, and subsequent vlog. Palin later released a book, and thus, Benincasa is now doing the same (though it has nothing to do with the former Alaskan governor). With the continuing success of her one-person show, Agorafabulous!, Benincasa will turn the story into a book for William Morrow. Agorafabulous! focuses on Benincasa’s struggles with agoraphobia, panic attacks, and

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Women in Comedy Festival: the Punchline Magazine recap

Comedian and co-producer of the fest Maria Ciampa

Last weekend the Women in Comedy Festival went down in Boston. Comedian Aparna Nancherla was invited to perform. We invited her to report back to Punchline Magazine for a bit of a recap. The results are below. Enjoy! This past weekend, I went up to Boston, Massachusetts for the second annual Women in Comedy Festival produced by Maria

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