• Barack Obama gets honest about Mitt Romney’s 47 percent speech, thanks to Key & Peele (Video)

    A few months ago Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele (aka Key & Peele) promised its viewers they’d be releasing more straight-to-Web videos, in addition to what we see on Comedy Central every Wednesday night. Well, they’ve delivered and then some. In their latest, we find Barack Obama (Peele) and his anger translator Luther (Key) addressing the recently-leaked video of Mitt Romney, wherein the GOP presidential nominee disparages the President’s supporters,

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    The Laughspin interview with Lizz Winstead

    If Jon Stewart could be called the Ben Franklin of modern American satire, Lizz Winstead is certainly its Betsy Ross. Okay, sure, it’s been a little while here since ninth grade Civics class, but see if you can’t follow the logic train: while Stewart may be responsible for ushering in a new era of brilliantly barbed politic-wit – at this point, he’s probably dropped enough knowledge to fill several more

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