• Michael Che teases Jerrod Carmichael Netflix project on Instagram

    If you follow Michael Che on Instagram, then you know that he doesn’t post. He almost exclusively posts text-based rants on his Instagram story (no, he still has not seen Nanette). You’ll also know that he doesn’t follow anyone. The comedian is usually an ephemeral stream of opinions and reactions. So it was surprising to see him post an actual picture Tuesday of him and Jerrod Carmichael laughing on stage

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    Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary In Memoriam honors crew, not just cast (Video)

    Saturday Night Live cast members, past and current, will always give tremendous props to the crew members who work behind the scenes. Most any performer will say the same thing about those who aren’t in the spotlight; it’s why at the end of every Broadway show’s curtain call the cast will point to the band and to the tech booth. The Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special was so exception.

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