Brian Posehn and Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian releasing comedy metal album

Before I became a comedy nerd, I was a metal nerd. While my friends were listening to New York City’s mainstream pop station Z100, I was listening to Seton Hall University’s radio station, which played nothing but metal and hard rock. When I got my first CD player, I bought my three favorite albums at the time: Testament’s Practice What You Preach, Death Angel’s Act III and Persistence Of Time

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Brian Posehn: Daddy Weirdest

If HGTV ever launches an adult channel, who better to host “Do-It-Yourself Sex” than Brian Posehn, the apparently frequent star of his own, well, one-man sex show. The virtually shameless longtime comedian takes the modern comic’s staple joke, masturbation, to a hilarious new high — or is it an incorrigible new low? — on Fart and Wiener Jokes, his new CD from Relapse Records, available on April 27. Pulling himself

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