Comedian Eddie Pepitone is launching his own podcast

After three-and-a-half years as a co-host on the popular Longshot Podcast, comedian Eddie Pepitone is exiting the show to start his own. “I’ve wanted to do my own podcast for a while,” Pepitone says on the newest episode of The Longshot. “I really have loved doing this podcast, it’s so much fun. I feel like I just want to dedicate myself to do doing my own thing, which I’ve wanted

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Watch the ‘Bitter Buddha’ trailer with Sarah Silverman, Patton Oswalt, more!

True comedy nerds know who Eddie Pepitone is. He’s the man who’s made an art out of Twitter, the star of the daily live-action comic strip Puddin’ and the dude who released the stellar album A Great Stillness at the end of last year. But, with the upcoming documentary about the man, perhaps a wider spectrum of comedy goers will get intimate with Pepitone and his many lovable psychoses. Directed

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