• Michael Showalter, Christian Finnegan, Brooke Van Poppelen talk about stuff in a fancy room! (Video)

    Have you ever wanted to watch comedians sit around in a well-appointed sitting room talking about brunch, “pancakes that make you poop,” their experiences in Cub Scouts or how they handle it when their comedian friends eat shit onstage? Well, aren’t you in luck. The folks at Official Comedy just rolled out the latest installment of the Secret Society of Comedy. In the below video, watch Michael Showalter, Christian Finnegan

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    Janeane Garofalo: As I’m getting older, my balls are dropping (Video)

    The fine folks at the Official Comedy channel on YouTube debuted a new show today called Secret Society of Comedy, wherein a handful of New York City-based comedians get together and chat about the seemingly little things in life. The first episode features Janeane Garofalo, Dave Hill and Brooke Van Poppelen. And while the trio share their feelings about snoring and their comedy evolution, things get super personal. For instance,

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