Watch The Office series finale (Full episode)

After eight years and nine seasons, The Office came to an end last night on NBC with the airing of an hour-and-15-minute episode. If you missed it, you can watch the entire thing below. If you already saw it and want to relive the magic, please do so. Either way, sound off in the comments section and tell us what you thought! Be sure to subscribe to the weekly Laughspin

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Watch the 30 Rock series finale here (Full episode)

If you’re on this site, chances are you’re one of the nearly five million people who watched the highly anticipated series finale of 30 Rock last night. Chances are, then, you won’t mind watching it again. And to those who missed it because you were, say, drunk or putting your kids to bed, or drunkenly putting your kids to bed, watching the full episode below will prove even more valuable.

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