SXSW Comedy, Day 6: Set List with Paul Provenza, awkward trade show comedy and more!

AUSTIN — One thing I love about South by Southwest this year is the broader variety of comedy events and locations the festival offers. Rather than just featuring podcast tapings and stand-up showcases, we’ve been fortunate to see a more diverse set of performances, from improv shows to panels about the practice of comedy. Some performances, however, have been even weirder than that. Take yesterday, for example. One of the

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Paul Provenza and friends bring improvised stand-up comedy to Montreal, Edinburgh

Improvised stand-up? Have you ever heard of such a thing? Or, maybe you think you’ve seen that go down when some stand-up has nowhere to go with their material. Actually, a new live show produced by comedians Troy Conrad and Paul Provenza, Set List, further refines the idea of “improvised stand-up” into a hilarious showcase of some of stand-up comedy’s best minds working– like Dana Gould (former producer on the

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Punchline's weekly video wrap-up, the "Set List" is here

We know you’ve come to expect the very best comedy coverage from Punchline Magazine, right? And we’re happy to give that to you. But sometimes words just bog us down, ya know? Sometimes you just need a quick, digested version of the news with no reading. To this end, we offer you The Set List, Punchline’s weekly comedy news wrap-up, hosted by comedian Justin Schlegel. Expect to see it here

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