• Comedy Club’s new Louis CK policy shirks responsibility (Opinion)

    After receiving (merited) backlash to Louis CK’s first unexpected drop-in set on August 26th, the Comedy Cellar made a move that conveniently shifts the onus of their booking choices back onto the audience. Rather than take a stand in either direction, the Comedy Cellar’s way of dealing with the “controversy” of C.K.’s return is by posting a new disclaimer sign in the club (which is also printed on tickets). The

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    Woody Allen’s Amazon deal: Will child molestation allegations hurt the series?

    Amazon Studios is taking a chance giving Woody Allen his first-ever TV series (kind of a TV series; it’ll be on the Internet). It’s not a risky move creatively. Woody Allen has been one of the greatest comedy film writer-directors for decades with memorable movies like Annie Hall and Manhattan to modern day Oscar winners like Midnight in Paris and Blue Jasmine. The untitled Woody Allen project for Amazon’s Prime

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