Jay Mohr launches his own podcast network and Jay Leno helps kick it off

Comedian Jay Mohr’s shop talk-y podcast Mohr Stories premiered on Kevin Smith’s Smodcast network a year ago and was an instant success. Now, Mohr is making a split from Smodcast to start a network of his own. It’s called Fake Mustache and it just launched today. In addition to the twice-a-week Mohr Stories – where Mohr and comedian guests talk about the business and their place within it – the

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Kevin Smith looks to host his own, daily television talk show

Clerks director and cult comedy legend Kevin Smith is set to host a talk show pilot. The show is planned to be a daily, half hour, syndicated program that would blend discussion with celebrities and comedy. The show is tentatively titled The Kevin Smith Project, and the show’s booking staff is pitching it as “a Regis and Kelly talk show at the opposite end of the day for the opposite

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