• Logitech’s Smart Radio: Stream comedy and tunes without your smartphone or computer (Sponsored video)

    You may know them best for their stellar line of high-end headphones, earphones and wireless speakers, but Switzerland-based Logitech has recently released something that will allow you to enjoy your tunes (and comedy, naturally) a lot more. Smart TVs – the ones equipped with WiFi – are getting increasingly popular so it makes sense, then, to have available to us a Smart Radio. Well, Logitech’s got one: at less than

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    Capri Sun proves everything old is new again (sponsored post)

    Are you into delicious, fruity and fun drinks? Of course you are– you’re human (we think). But even if you’re a robot, an android or a vampire, you’ll most def enjoy what Capri Sun has for you these days. They’ve unleashed a new product: New Capri Sun Big Pouch, which should satisfy both your thirst — it’s 11.2 ounces (larger than its predecessor) — and your desire to get to

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