• Mental health group uses stand-up comedy as therapy

    There is a very cool program that is flying under the radar, and we are happy to spread the gospel to you. In Canada, they have created the Stand Up For Mental Health (SMH) programs, which encourage those with mental health issues to use stand-up comedy as therapy. “We use comedy to give consumers a powerful voice and help reduce the stigma and discrimination around mental illness” says David Granirer,

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    Stand-up comedy being used as the best medicine

    It’s been said, time after time, that laughter is the best medicine. Indeed, one would be hard pressed to find a skillful comedic wordsmith without his or her share of personal insecurities and biographical traumas. (See: Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, et al). But now, one Canadian therapist is taking this concept to a whole new level. In Vancouver, David Granirer, a stand-up himself, has founded the Stand Up for Mental

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