Michael Ian Black on Stella reunion, Meghan McCain, his boning prowess and more!

In a Reddit AmA (ask me anything) comedian, The State alum and self-proclaimed sexy bitch Michael Ian Black fielded questions from the Reddit community. He talked about the potential for a Stella reunion, his failed TV shows, and gives some solid advice to Redditors in need. Here are some highlights. Michael addressed the fact that nearly all of his television projects have been cancelled. When asked why Michael and Michael

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Premature cancellation: 10 comedy shows that left the world too soon

It seems every season there’s a sad departure of a comedy series that had potential. Usually it’s a slight bummer but then you find a replacement during that time slot each week and you stop mourning the loss. But a few shows have graced us in the last 15 years who were gone far too soon. Their cancellations bring firey rage to thousands of fans and their one-liners live on

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Michael Ian Black: My Custom Van

So, really, just who is the real Michael Ian Black? What sort of conversation might you expect to get were you to encounter him, one on one? Does he have a favorite color, and if so, is it green? (They say geniuses pick green). It’s hard to say, seeing as how Black is the kind of comedian who always manages to adapt a specifically calculated voice and remains strictly within

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