• Jeff Garlin says there’s a ‘decent chance’ for a new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm

    When the eighth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm came to a close in September of last year, Larry David approached the possibility of a new season the way he does at the end of every Curb installment: he said nothing. And even though the hugely popular HBO show recently scored an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Comedy (and lost to Modern Family), still there’s been no talk of continuing on. And

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    In honor of Mitch Hedberg’s 44th birthday, check out a rare print interview

    Mitch Hedberg would’ve been 44 today, but his friends, family and the comedy world lost him at the age of 37. In honor of his birthday, Austin writer Steve Birmingham just posted an interview he conducted with Hedberg in October of 2001, which originally appeared in the print-only INsite magazine. In the intro, Birmingham sets the the tone: This “interview” was really a conversation, and a lovely one at that.

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