• Documentary tells the story of cancer stricken comedian’s dream to perform on Letterman (Video)

    We’ve been following Steve Mazan’s story since 2009, when he finally made his dream to perform on Late Show with David Letterman a reality. The 13-year comedian was diagnosed with cancer in 2005, and so he made this dream his number one priority in life. “The doctors told us [Mazan and his wife, Denise], ‘Look, the tumors are slow-growing.’ Mazan told us three years ago. ‘If everything goes OK, you

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    Steve Mazan: Comedian’s David Letterman dream comes true

    Not even cancer can stop comedian Steve Mazan from achieving his goal of appearing on the Late Show With David Letterman. Where does time go is the one question that even Alex Trebek, sometimes more condescending know-it-all than Jeopardy! answer man, can’t explain. Not surprising, because we tend to forget that time flies…without layovers and, more important, without a flight plan. Even those lucky humans with jet packs cannot outrace

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