Artie Lange tells Jimmy Fallon he lost $25,000 because of Keith Richards (Video)

Since taking over the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon has hosted hundreds of guests, ranging from accomplished musicians to upsettingly famous reality stars. Some of them have visited more often than others, a distinct honor in itself. That’s why I couldn’t imagine anyone more deserving of the record for most Fallon appearances than Artie Lange. Veteran stand-up comedian and raunchy conversationalist extraordinaire, Artie is known for his long and hilarity packed

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Artie Lange’s ‘Stench of Failure’ promo for Comedy Central goes old school (Video)

Since the Oct. 18 Comedy Central premiere of Artie Lange’s one-hour special Artie Lange: The Stench of Failure is fast approaching, the veteran comedian dropped this hilarious promo. It combines three of Artie Lange’s favorite things– gambling, sports and gambling on sports. Check it out below! Sign up to get comedy videos and headlines delivered to your inbox! Be sure to subscribe to the weekly Laughspin Podcast on iTunes or

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Artie Lange: The Stench of Failure premieres Oct. 18 on Comedy Central

Most comedians are tortured artists and there are few more tortured than Artie Lange. The 46-year-old veteran comic, former Howard Stern Show star and two-time best selling author has been to hell. But he’s come back, albeit scathed both physically and psychologically, over the last few years. The culmination of Lange’s storied return to the stage takes form Oct. 18 at midnight on Comedy Central, when Artie Lange: The Stench

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