• Chris Rock gets his own theme song, plays golf, defends Barack Obama on Fallon (Video)

    Chris Rock had a blast on Fallon last night. He got his own revamped theme song by the Roots (“Chris Rock rockin’ it, we all rockin’ it!”). He even had time to rant about Obama nay-sayers: “The first thing you’ve gotta realize about Obama, man, is the economy’s been getting better every month for like almost two years and everybody’s complaining, ‘It’s not going fast enough.’ It’s like complaining that

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    Nerdist Chris Hardwick hosts Cadillac web series

    Chris Hardwick talking to a dude with a huge brain.

    For years now, Cadillac has been trying to revamp their image from a company that builds cars exclusively for my grandfather to a car maker who builds cars for people who are not my grandfather. And, honestly, it seems they’ve been doing a good job. And now, they’ve tapped comedian, pro nerd and podcaster Chris Hardwick

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    Comedian Mo'Nique to Tiger Woods: I love you!

    Thousands of comedians across this great land of ours have been slinging Tiger Woods jokes for months. (He banged a whole bunch of women that were not his wife, in case you hadn’t heard). But there’s one comedian, touring her ass off right now, on the heels of her Oscar win for her role in Precious, that will likely not be slagging the golf champ. In fact, Mo’Nique doesn’t even

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    Atom.com skewers Tiger, Jesse James, Clinton, Palin and more in new Obamaourage video

    Take a nine second stroll around the Internet today and you’ll find no dearth of videos parodying Tiger Woods, Sarah Palin, Barack Obama and Jesse James. But, really who has time to watch all of them? We’ll tell you, who. We do. But, we’re lazy, and we much rather watch one pristine, well produced short that poops on all of the above and more. So, we turn to Atom.com, who,

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    Review: Saturday Night Live, Dec. 12

    Dec. 12, 2009 — Host: Taylor Lautner — Musical Guest: Bon Jovi SNL shows no indication of letting up on the Tiger Woods jokes anytime soon. The tone was set with an “Adulterers Press Conference” cold open, in which politicians John Edwards (Will Forte), Mark Sanford (Jason Sudeikis) and John Ensign (Bill Hader) criticized the media for focusing so much on the Tiger Woods scandal… instead of theirs’. And while

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