Liza Treyger on Louis CK, TJ Miller: Being a comedian is a privilege, not a right

Liza Treyger has a simple request to her colleagues: Stop touching women you barely know at work. She’s tired of dudes she doesn’t like kissing her on the cheek when she asks them not to or strangers rubbing her lower back. Treyger noticed a distinct shift in behavior after the 2016 election and was disappointed to learn that many of her comedy friends held some troubling positions on sexual abuse

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Phoebe Robinson to New York Comedy Club: Do better than booking alleged abusers

2 Dope Queens star Phoebe Robinson has had ‘enough’ of comedy clubs letting alleged rapists on stage. Robinson took to Instagram late Wednesday night calling out New York Comedy Club to “do better” after an “alleged rapist” was also on the night’s line-up. Robinson was booked to perform on the 9:00 show at New York Comedy Club’s 24th Street location on Wednesday evening. In the video, she shares that she

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Amy Schumer and 7 comedians with odd arrest records

Comedian Amy Schumer was arrested in Washington, D.C. earlier this month while protesting the confirmation of then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. She joins a long list of comedians with a police record, so there’s no chance this is a comprehensive list. While they might not have as good of a reason for their arrests as Schumer, there are some pretty crazy stories to be found when comedians run into trouble

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T.J. Miller’s Gorburger Show goes to HBO

The Gorburger Show is coming to HBO. The premium cable channel ordered a pilot of Miller’s monster-hosted Funny Or Die anti-talk show. This is HBO’s second recent web series acquisition after greenlighting Vimeo’s High Maintenance for six episodes. Miller has grown at home at HBO on their Emmy-nominated series Silicon Valley. The Gorburger Show features T.J. Miller in a furry blue monster suit who takes over a Japanese morning talk

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Doug Benson, George Lopez, Dana Gould take part in “Tweet The Joke”

Doug Benson

Aside from being an outlet for inane and narcissistic status updates, Twitter is a first-class outlet for stand-up comedians, whether they’re making punchy jokes or interacting with their fans. Our friends at the Improv have somewhat recently launched “Tweet The Joke,” takes that quality one step further, and adds the possibility of free stuff for everyone. Here’s how it works: a comedian — this

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