• Don Cheadle wore a pro-trans shirt on SNL; Queer Twitter rejoices

    People are praising Saturday Night Live host Don Cheadle for standing up in defense of trans youth. Cheadle hosted SNL in what was a bounceback episode for the Saturday night sketch series. When he introduced musical guest Gary Clark Jr., the Black Monday star sported a shirt saying, “Protect trans kids” in all caps. The silent but powerful message was a reminder that trans children, as well as much of

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    Nore Davis: I won’t let Donald Trump date my material (Exclusive Track)

    In an era where everyone is telling you to ‘stay woke,’ can you be too woke? Comedian Nore Davis’ new album asks just that question. His newest album, Too Woke, comes out November 23 a.k.a Black Friday. The album is something new from the Inside Amy Schumer alum. In the album, Davis plays a range of characters that represent different ways to be a black man in America. He uses

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    BBC seeks comedy scripts for sitcoms and sketch shows that support positive transgender roles

    In an effort to support and positively address transgender roles on mainstream comedy television shows, the BBC has teamed up with artist collective Trans Comedy to bestow upon upcoming writers the Trans Comedy Award. Specifically BBC Writersroom, an ongoing program that helps scribes develop projects for the BBC, is offering talented writers up to £5,000 (about $8,000) to use toward producing a television pilot. Scripts for sitcoms, dramadies and sketch

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