• The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Halloween specials: A Complete Ranking

    The Simpsons’ annual Treehouse of Horror special is our favorite sign that Halloween is almost here. The 30th season’s Treehouse of Horror was the 643rd episode of the legendary animated series on Fox. They’re still making these! Can one truly make a definitive ranking of 29 episodes that span three decades of TV? Probably not. But we got darn close. Each hilarious Halloween horror story was judged on its originality,

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    Finally! Sideshow Bob Will Kill Bart Simpson This Halloween!

    It took Sideshow Bob nearly three decades to accomplish but finally, he will get his chance to exact his revenge on Bart Simpson — and ultimately put an end to often trouble-making 10-year-old. Simpsons producers announced Saturday during the show’s ATX Festival panel in Austin, Texas that Sideshow Bob — the former on-screen companion to Krusty the Clown voiced by Kelsey Grammar — will kill Bart Simpson off during this

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