Anna Kendrick’s Kate Spade ad ‘The Waiting Game’ pretty damn hilarious (Video)

If you follow Anna Kendrick on Twitter or watched her host Saturday Night Live this past April or peeped her hilarious anti-commercial commercial for Newcastle Brown Ale, you already know the 29-year-old most famous for playing Jessica Stanley in the teen vampire Twilight franchise is pretty hilarious. In the event you don’t know, allow us to submit her newest ad, this time for high-end fashion design house Kate Spade. In

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Review: Saturday Night Live, Dec. 12

Dec. 12, 2009 — Host: Taylor Lautner — Musical Guest: Bon Jovi SNL shows no indication of letting up on the Tiger Woods jokes anytime soon. The tone was set with an “Adulterers Press Conference” cold open, in which politicians John Edwards (Will Forte), Mark Sanford (Jason Sudeikis) and John Ensign (Bill Hader) criticized the media for focusing so much on the Tiger Woods scandal… instead of theirs’. And while

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