Some ladies get nasty, others get personal; Leggero, Bamford, Schumer rep well at Just For Laughs

MONTREAL — “See, and you thought women weren’t funny! You probably got dragged here tonight, didn’t you?” Natasha Leggero, she of the rising star, killer comedian status, quipped loudly. The recipient, presumably a Republican-looking dude unfortunate enough to be seated in the front row, no doubt was enjoying himself, even if he’d had reservations coming in. (And I’m not talking about dinner for two.) One would have to possess the

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Interview: Diagnosis, Maria Bamford

“It’s so hard to get an intervention when people don’t think you have any problems,” stand-up comic Maria Bamford complains as she tells me about her love of reality shows like Intervention and Confessions: Animal Hoarding. “Would somebody just please meet me at a Best Western conference room and take me in a van to Florida so I can talk about my feelings for 90 days?” Bamford is known for

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Maria Bamford: Obsessively funny

Comedian Maria Bamford says she has a hard time being charming. Fuck charming. Charming isn’t funny. You know what is? Everything Maria Bamford does. She only proves it further on her new Comedy Central album Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome. There are a few things about comedian Maria Bamford you may not know. For example: did you know her mailman’s name is Steve Smith (he just got knee surgery and is retiring

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