• Watch this ‘Louie’ super cut where Louis C.K. says ‘sorry’ a whole bunch of times

    Louis C.K. snagged seven Emmy nominations between his work on Live at the Beacon Theater and his hit FX show, Louie. You might be surprised to learn that not one of those nods were earned from C.K.’s character’s constant apologies on his show. JK! Of course you’re not surprised. Saying “sorry” is not a thing you get nominated for! The point is, C.K. says it a lot on Louie, and

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    Watch Joel McHale promote the Nintendo 3DS in the most subtle way possible

    It’s getting exponentially more difficult for brands to find ways of marketing their products without coming off sleazy or disingenuous. And more and more, people want entertainment out of their commercials– not just a sales pitch. With that in mind, the folks at Nintendo just released this meta-viral video spot, featuring Community’s Joel McHale. Their goal: to promote their new 3DS. During the three-and-a-half minute anti-pitch, McHale works hard to

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    Watch comedian Jamie Lee take on Norway’s butter shortage with her own video editorial

    Whether you knew or not, American comedians have been guilty of exploiting the so-called Norwegian butter shortage for humor. Also, whether you knew or not, there was a Norwegian butter shortage and the self-described “famous celebrity” and blogger in Norway, Tommy, is incredibly outraged of the jovial ribbing of said butter shortage. It may be real or fake, but, undoubtedly, the rant has gone viral, especially after being mentioned by

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