• Comedy duo Walsh Brothers take “planking” to a new level; let’s watch!

    The argument can be made that an internet fad really goes viral when the comedy world takes notice and does its own version. Along these lines, “planking”, the act of taking pictures of people in a face down rigor mortis position in unusual places (like on top of a drive thru menu), has followed suit. Originally started by a couple of 20 year olds in England, planking took off throughout

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    Alternative Comedy Festival hits Boston; will Beantown ever laugh the same?

    Check out exclusive photos of AltCom by Rob Turbovsky here. What the hell is alternative comedy? That seemed to be the question posed by AltCom — that is the Alternative Comedy Festival in Boston, or near Boston, really — or at least the question I posed to festival director Brian Joyce ad infinitum. After both nights of the festival at the Somerville Theatre this weekend, I’m still not sure how

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