• Comedian Dylan Avila returns to stage after suffering skull fractures in brutal attack (Photos)

    Dylan Avila, the comedian who sustained multiple skull fractures after being brutally beaten with a baseball bat while on stage, will make his return to performing on Jan. 17 at the Neptune Theater in Seattle, where he’ll open for Craig Gass. Avila was extremely lucky to make it out of the attack without brain damage. Of course, the fellow comedians and audience members who rushed the stage to help Avila

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    Stephen Colbert wins in Washington; allowed to raise unlimited funds for 2012 elections

    Stephen Colbert is no stranger to entering the political fray. He ran for president four years ago (well, only in South Carolina, but who’s counting?), he testified before the House Committee on Immigration, Citizenship, and Border Security following working with migrant workers in New York and he headed up a really kic-kass rally in Washington DC with Jon Stewart. Starting today, though, Colbert’s plate will be a little more full.

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