• The Onion launches Web series ‘Sex House’ with three more shows planned (Video)

    Having already become by far the most important network in the world of journalism, The Onion is now expanding its empire and foraying into (Internet-based) reality television. In The Onion’s newly launched reality series Sex House, we find out what happens when you cram six, sexy nymphos under one roof and leave them alone with nothing to do but have sex: They have sex… a LOT. But exactly how much

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    Paul F. Tompkins hosts chat show ‘Speakeasy’ with guests Ty Burrell, Nathan Fillion and more!

    If you watched his recent stand-up special Laboring Under Delusions on Comedy Central (read our interview here), you know that comedian Paul F. Tompkins knows how to tell a story. But in his new Web series, Speakeasy, it seems most of the stories will be provided by his celebrity guests. In the trailer, we find Tompkins and his subjects — dudes like Zach Galifianakis, Nathan Fillion, Oscar Nunez, Weird Al

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