Greg Poehler’s Welcome to Sweden renewed for second season

Amy Poehler’s brother Greg is making a name for himself on NBC. The Parks & Recreation network has renewed his summer comedy series Welcome to Sweden for a second season. Originally produced and aired in Sweden, the sitcom is based on Greg Poehler’s life as a New York accountant who falls for a Swedish girl and follows her back to Europe. Sister Amy served as executive producer on the show,

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Amy Poehler’s show ‘Welcome to Sweden’ lands at NBC

The Poehler family must be very proud. Amy Poehler and her brother Greg have sold the US broadcasting rights of their new show Welcome to Sweden to NBC. The sitcom is a semi-autobiographical comedy that stars Greg as a New York accountant named Bruce who falls for a Swedish girl and follows her to Sweden. Amy will join Will Ferrell, Aubrey Plaza and Gene Simmons in making memorable cameos in

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Amy Poehler will produce new comedy series ‘Welcome to Sweden’

It turns out Amy Poehler is huge in Sweden. She and her brother Greg just sold a comedy series called Welcome to Sweden, which will air on TV4 in the Nordic nation. The show is part of the sibling’s newly launched production company Syskon, who’s mission is to develop half-hour comedies. The series is based on Greg’s life as an accountant in New York who ends up moving to Sweden

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