Watch the new Three Stooges trailer if want to have a nervous breakdown at your desk

On April 13, the Three Stooges are coming back and coming to a theater near you. Starring Will Sasso, Sean Hayes and Chris Diamantopoulos and directed by the Farrelly Brothers, the story centers around…eh, who gives a shit? Here’s the trailer, which is simply a compilation of some of the movie’s presumably 4,348 slapstick moments. Enjoy?

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Andy Dick: “I turned down Saturday Night Live”

Comedian and actor Andy Dick is currently on the road promoting his new flick Division III: Football’s Finest. The R-rated ensemble comedy – co-starring Marshall Cook (who also directed), Will Sasso, Bryan Callen, Debra Wilson, Greg Ftizsimmons and more – centers around a struggling college football team who enlists a wildly racist coach (Dick) to drum up some media attention. Dick and Cook are screening the movie and holding Q&A

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