• Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer recall experiences with Ron Burgundy (Video)

    Wolf Blitzer, Chris Cuomo, and Anderson Cooper want you to know that Ron Burgundy is not only one of the most promoted fake news anchors of our time, but he’s also “the most influential actor in broadcast history,” “a news legend,” and “a bit of an asshole.” Funny or Die’s latest Anchorman 2 promo video features some of the top news anchors of cable news reminiscing on their interactinos with

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    Andy Richter scores hosting gig for '$10,000 Pyramid'

    Do you remember that time Andy Richter, Conan O’Brien’s longtime chat show sidekick, absolutely, unequivocally fucking crushed his opponents in Celebrity Jeopardy? It happened in 2009; actress Dana Delaney turned in a somewhat respectable showing, but the best part of the show is that Andy completely embarrassed CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, who you would expect to be a little more in the know about general goings on and facts than say,

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