• ‘Talk Nerdy To Me’ Parody Amazing! Watch Video Spoof Of Jason Derulo’s ‘Talk Dirty’ (VIDEO)

    Talk Nerdy 2“Talk Nerdy To Me” may be one of our favorite parody videos ever. YouTube user K-Face Rules (real name: Keith Allen) had the brilliant idea to create a geek anthem to the tune of Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty.”

    “I had this vision for tons of costumes, tons of places, a really cool song that people would want to listen to, not even just on the video,” Allen said about his “Talk Nerdy To Me” video. “Because I knew it had the potential to blow up if it was done correctly (with) high-quality sound and audio and high-quality video.”

    Mission accomplished. “Talk Nerdy To Me” already has more than 330,000 views since it was first posted online May 6. And with lyrics like, “You name all 12 of the docs, I can’t resist that,” and “What’s the core of your wand? I think ours match,” it’s easy to understand why this clip went viral.

    Utah resident Allen first came up with the idea for “Talk Nerdy To Me” back in February, but it took a while for everything to come together. First, he had to convince his friend Keith Evans to perform some of the vocals, since rapping, not singing, is Allen’s strength. He then tracked down other acquaintances who provided the amazing geek-centric costumes, including Lord of the Rings and Star Wars outfits.

    “This really came together because of the awesome people that were like, ‘Oh yeah, let’s do that,’” Allen said. “I had the idea, set it all up and kind of made it happen on tech side of things, but it never would have (come together) if my friends weren’t willing to dance, sing and work with my schedule.”

    But “Talk Nerdy To Me” does not just reference the science fiction side of geekdom. There are also shoutouts to Call of Duty, Twilight, and Magic: The Gathering. Allen even found a way to incorporate some of the theme music from Super Mario Bros. and Zelda.

    I really wrote it to try to get to the full spectrum of nerds,” he said. “There’s stuff that’s diehard, that only several nerds will get but not everyone. Then there’s others like Star Wars and Harry Potter. I tried to write it so everybody could relate to it at least a little bit.”

    Check out “Talk Nerdy To Me” below. And if you can’t get enough of this Jason Derulo parody, you can download an MP3 of the song here.

    Melissa Siegel

    Melissa Siegel is a writer and journalist based in a suburb of New York City.

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