• Texas Councilman Leaves Microphone On While In Bathroom During Meeting! Watch Video Of ‘Naked Gun’ Moment Where Georgetown Council Member Forgets To Wash His Hands And Mayor Rachael Jonrowe Tries To Keep Composure

    A Texas councilman accidentally left his microphone on while using the bathroom during a meeting. And the hilarious video is quickly going viral.

    The council meeting in question took place in Georgetown, Texas last week. Rachael Jonrowe, the city’s mayor pro-tem, was talking about infectious diseases when she realized she could hear the unidentified council member peeing in the restroom.Rachael Jonrowe Councilman Microphone On Bathroom

    After a brief giggle fit, Jonrowe went back to discussing the serious matter at hand. But when the sound of the toilet flushing filled the auditorium, she lost it once again.

    By the time the councilman returned from the bathroom, the entire panel was laughing. The guy who forgot to turn off his mike then turns to another council member, who seems to explain what happened. Things continued (relatively) normally from there, and many are giving Jonrowe credit for acting as professionally as possible.

    A YouTube user posted the hilarious moment online, where it already has more than a million views in less than a week. Commenters soon noted that the councilman forgot to wash his hands when he was in the bathroom. After all, there was no sound of running sink water coming from his microphone. Check it out for yourself below!

    The entire moment was reminiscent of the classic comedy film Naked Gun. In that movie, a character played by Leslie Nielsen forgets to turn off his microphone during a press conference, so when he uses the bathroom, everyone in the room can hear it. At least the Texas councilman didn’t pass gas too!

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    Melissa Siegel

    Melissa Siegel is a writer and journalist based in a suburb of New York City.

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