The first two episodes of Maria Bamford’s new Web series ‘Ask My Mom’ are here!

Comedian Maria Bamford’s lunacy and mastery of awkwardly disgusted facial expressions has looped itself on the silver-silver screen this past week. Coming off the tailspin of a brilliant drug-addled performance in the new season of Arrested Development (alright, the comments section isn’t for your feelings on the new season, but if you can’t contain your hatred or admiration any longer and need to flush those opinions out, well, I guess it’s okay if you to post something, or just the words “douchechill!”), Bamford’s new webseries, Ask My Mom, has just debuted!

The show features Bamford asking her mother (played by Bamford) questions about life, and then subsequent answers accompanied with suggested facial reconstruction surgery that the younger Bamford may want to explore. The show flows with a jazzy pace and a bipolarity that Bamford expertly exhibits in all of her work, but never more clearly than in these first two episodes. New episodes premiere every Thursday on MyDamnChannel and will hopefully make you feel worse about yourself while still providing a self-loathing laugh– just like it did for me.

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Zach Buckner

Zach Buckner is an aspiring comedy writer from New York (no, not the city; right outside, but who's counting?). In his spare time you can find Zach eating Chinese, eating sushi, eating sandwiches, or just plain eating (he's severely obese), or you'll find him on the basketball court practicing his dream shake, which always ends in embarrassment for one of the players (usually Zach).

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