The Lonely Island’s ‘Party Over Here’ big deal for comedy, Neal Brennan, Danny Pudi join forces

The Lonely Island are making music and making movies and now they’re making TV shows. Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone of The Lonely Island signed a multi-year development deal at Fox back in January to create comedies and the hilarious trio have now announced their first slate of projects. They’ve also revealed the name of their development company: Party Over Here. The Lonely Island was tapped to develop projects that would grow online in places like Hulu or Roku, and ideally end up as full series on Fox, FX, FXX or other 21st Century Fox networks.

It seems like TV executives have seen the success of bringing a web series from YouTube to TV screens with the popularity of Comedy Central’s Broad City. It’s low-risk for a cc: studios web series to take up space on the Internet where it either develops a fan base or quietly dies. If it’s a hit, it can take up precious air time where advertisers spend the traditionally bigger dollars. The Peabody Award-winning trio helped get Saturday Night Live onto the Internet with the popular SNL Digital Shorts which saw hit videos like Dick In A Box and I’m On A Boat (see video below).

There are three series on the development slate for Party Over Here. The first could bring Community star Danny Pudi to Fox in The Tyler Zone. When Tyler (Pudi) moves to a new town, he finds himself in the middle of a series of supernatural occurrences. The question is, is this really happening or is it all in his head? Topics with Andre Hyland would put a man on a street, but comedian Andre Hyland would not be himself. His cast of hilarious self-performed characters would be the ones interacting with the unknowing public.

The third series in the works is Home for the Weekend hosted by Neal Brennan, which the comedian alluded to in a recent Laughspin interview. The mockumentary-style half-hour comedy follows a celebrity as he or she takes a trip back home. The first episode is in production and features all three Lonely Island members visiting their hometown of Berkeley, CA. Check out “Spring Break Anthem” from The Lonely Island’s most recent release The Wack Album.

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Billy Procida

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