• The new MitchHedberg.net is now live!

    from the new mitchhedberg.net
    from the new mitchhedberg.net

    Although the site will be ceremoniously released to the world tonight at a special show in Los Angeles, it looks like MitchHedberg.net is now alive and working swimmingly.

    The ultra-clean design presents a treasure trove of glorious pieces of Mitch. The “Probes” section features photos Mitch took, pages of his notebooks and more. It looks like “Free Writings” will house some of Mitch’s less-structured notebook writings; “The Hard Sell” currently features a hand-written, very earnest pitch to the Gold Bond baby powder company to perhaps sponsor Mitch as a comedian; hilarious!

    Of course, there’s also all the basic navigation and content aspects you’d want: message board, news, videos and tons more.

    Comedian Lynn Shawcroft, Mitch’s wife spearheaded the re-launch of the new site. And to celebrate it properly, she’s producing a show tonight at the Steve Allen Theater. It’ll feature a tour through the new site as well as performances from Nick Thune, Morgan Murphy, Garfunkel & Oates, Kyle Kinane, Brody Stevens and more.

    We’ll be posting a full-length interview with Shawcroft tomorrow. So keep a look out for that!

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