• The Onion launches broadcast from the future on iTunes

    The OnionThis week The Onion released the broadcast they’ve been hyping up all summer: the Onion News Network Future channel, a 12 minute news broadcast from the year 2137.

    This is the Onion’s first time using paid content, as the special is available via iTunes for $1.99.

    The video uses special effects and insane amounts of graphics to accurately transmit the future news. As expected, correspondents and guests check in via hologram, complete with flashes of their skeletons.

    The special includes a report on the government’s failure to destroy humanity and put everyone out of their misery, updates on the continuing conflict between the last remaining Israeli and Palestinian, and coverage of the still unresolved debate on gay marriage (“Are we not as good as the lizard people of Arizony?” asks gay citizen X436A).

    Also featured is a piece on whether or not the two ton man-eating beetles “are as for real dangerous as the mainstream media makes them out to be,” and news on a speed-dating initiative to repopulate the earth.

    Consistent with the Onion’s style, some of the best parts of this feature are in the tiny details, like the speech patterns of the anchors, the statshots, and the text that appears on sidebars and below the anchors during the stories. If you can spring the two bucks, it’s worth it to find out what the future has in store.

    Check out the trailer below, or if you’re convinced already, here’s the direct link to the iTunes store.

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