The Sklar Brothers and the corporate gig from hell (Animated video)

The corporate gig is simultaneously a blessing and a curse to every comedian. It’s a curse because, unless the flavor of a comic’s act is the vanilla-est of vanillas, he or she will likely have to modify what they normally do onstage at comedy clubs. So, it makes more work for the comic. Also, it’s not the type of gig that gives you indie cred with your fellow comedians. However, the pay is amazing. So, unless they’re rolling in cash, comedians can’t really turn down this type of one-night payout.

And that was the case with the Sklar Brothers last year when they accepted such a gig. Before the show, they even asked if they should modify their act a bit so as not to offend. They were told to just do their act: “That’s why we hired you.” That was bad advice. And you’ll see why in the A.V. Club’s latest installment of Stand Down, wherein comedians tell about some of the worst times in their careers. Enjoy!

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Dylan P. Gadino

Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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