• The story behind animated web series ‘Noah’s Ark’ with Maron, Bamford and Katz (Videos)

    You may have noticed a new animated video featured at the top of Funny Or Die today called Noah’s Ark, which features the voices of comedians Marc Maron, Maria Bamford and Jonathan Katz. In it, we find Maron playing the over-worked, near-defeated Noah and Jonathan Katz as his ambivalent boss– God. Even after Noah is done building the Ark (after God commanded him to do so, of course), the man is relegated to cleaning up piles of animal shit and forced to give God dating advice– which is where Bamford comes in. You see, God wants to bed Aphrodite, played by the multi-voiced comedian, who plays not only a topless (natch) Aphrodite, but also a praying mantis. It’s fucking hilarious. And it’s not just one video; it’s an entire series (Fred Stoller makes an appearance as The Giraffe later in the season) that was mostly-produced about six months ago. So, I wanted to find out where this came from, since it was a bit of a surprise to me. First, check out the trailer.

    Created by the Levinson Brothers (that’s Joel and Stephen), Noah’s Ark was born from an older, similar series. “We originally made a series called God & Co. for [Jewish news site] Tablet Magazine, with the same crew and much of the same cast, which were based on different Bible stories,” Stephen tells Laughspin. “One of them, based on Noah’s Ark, won Best Animation at the New York Television Festival in 2010. This current Noah’s Ark was based on that, but departed farther from the original story and has a slightly different cast.”

    And, so what was the Genesis (see what I did there) of the series? “We loved the idea that you have this incredibly complex story — there’s a guy who is one of the last guys on Earth, and his boss is all-powerful, and these animals are the last of their species and they’ve been paired up randomly with mates — but everyone instantly understands all these complex relationships with two words: Noah’s Ark,” Stephen says.

    In the making of this Web show, there was absolutely no budget. Maron, Bamford and Katz weren’t paid for their stellar work. “I still can’t figure out how we got them,” Stephen admits. But the point is, he and his brother did. And if the first episode and trailer (and video teases) are an accurate reflection of how the rest of the episodes will roll out, I’m already convinced of the Brothers Levinson writing and production prowess. Adult Swim would be fucking crazy not to give these two even a small budget to create the next cool series for the Cartoon Network imprint.

    Check out the full first episode below.

    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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